About our company

A little history about our company, its founder and how we strive to offer the best quality services. We are here to provide comfort and promote a peaceful atmosphere. Our mission is to provide life enhancing services and treatments. Adore Essence, Gurnee IL.

Adore Essence Massage & Spa is a holistic wellness center located in Gurnee, IL. Which provides easy access for people that live in the Lake County area. Our natural products are chemical free, making the experience nourishing for your skin and your overall well being. It is gratifying to hear positive feedback from our clients.

About our massages services

Our spa offers many different forms of massage therapy, including Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Athletes often have physical issues that are caused by the type of activities that they engage in, so we offer client-specific Sport Massages as well. This treatment is available to serious athletes and everyday people that jog, play tennis, or engage in some other type of physical activity.

In addition to the above, we offer acupressure massage, Thai yoga massage, cupping massage, and hot stone massage. For the ultimate in relaxation and therapeutic rejuvenation, you may want to try our signature massage. This combines the utilization of CBD oils in conjunction with a deep tissue massage or a Swedish Massage. We call this the “pain bomb” technique, and the Signature Massage also includes bio energy mat therapy.

About our waxing services

You can also rely on Adore Essence Massage & Spa for body waxing. Why go through the trouble of shaving constantly when you can sit back, relax, and walk out of the spa with the look that you want without exerting any effort? Of course, while you’re at it, you could schedule a massage into your appointment and treat yourself to at thoroughly enjoyable spa experience.

About our bio-mat therapy

We have been having great success with bio energy mat therapy, a concept that combines negative ions and infrared heat. Aromatherapy is also one of our staples, and this can be part of your complete massage session.

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We are one of the few locations in Illinois that now offers the new Biosound Therapy.

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