Cupping Marks

What you know about the marks cupping being painful or damaging may not be true.

Cupping Therapy will help your body heal naturally

Your body may bad circulation in an area of your body which means oxygen is not flowing to the cells. Lack of circulation causes a build of of waste and toxins. When your skin is pressed, blanching of the skin fades slowly. With cupping, suction is used as a method to pull any toxins, pathogenic

factors, dead lymph debris and cellular debris. All of these pathogens are removed from deep tissue and expelled from the body. Depending on the stagnation deposits dissolve with a few hours to a few weeks. Your blood stasis etermines the quality of your pathogenic factors. Skin can change to a light pink or shade of purple but will usually appear as

a red color. 

It is common for tiny raised bumps to appear. You may even spot some clear fluid appear at the surface. These are the result of toxins being removed from deep skin tissue. The discoloration tells you the amount of stagnation and toxicity that is being purged from the body. It is most likely that your practitioner will see the largest detoxification in the early treatments. This is what you should expect, as your remove more pathogens the deposits will lessen in intensity. The stagnation will be flushed by your body’s circulatory system, pores, and sweat. Sweating is great for the client to finish the treatment. It

may look painful but it’s not. In fact it's the opposite, people report a great sense of relief. 

Mind, Mood + Beauty

Health + Wellness

Sport + Fitness

  • Promotes a great sense of relaxation and revived energy
  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to calm the body
  • Can reduce depression and boost mood
  • Promotes tighter, healthier skin + complexion
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Promotes better quality sleep
  • Improves immune system support, decreasing incidence of cold, flu and congestion
  • Facilitates faster recovery from injury or surgery
  • Decreases pain associated fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Alleviates symptoms from migraines, joint disorders, rheumatoid diseases, fibromyalgia + psoriasis 
  • Relieves pain associated with muscle soreness, back pain + spasms
  • Boosts lymph draining + blood circulation
  • Boosts energy levels + performance
  • Accelerates recovery from training + competition
  • Reduces scar tissue, blockages, and adhesions
  • Improves muscle mobility, recovery, and joint function
  • Reduces fatigue, inflammation + muscle soreness

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