Feel reduced anxiety with Bio-sound Therapy.

We are offering free Bio-sound Bed sessions to new customers in Northern Illinois.

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"It was like a massage for the mind." - Liz

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How does Bio-sound therapy work?

Biosound therapy combines therapeutic sound frequencies synchronized with vibroacustic massage, and video content to bring your mind to a higher state of meditation which results in reduced anxiety.

The treatment triggers your body’s natural relaxation response by using binural beats and sound massage.

Treats depression, anxiety, ADHD, anger, muscle tension, body aches, headaches, stress, and alcohol cravings.

Based on your symptoms, a playlist is uniquely prepared for you in an effort to provide relief.

About Adore Essence, a holistic spa.

Adore Essence in Gurnee was founded by Racheli Milinki. Her goal was to provide a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Our mission is to provide life enhancing services and treatments.